New Pictures from Saturday's Winni Derby Weekend at Rick and Virginia's.

Terry and I headed up about 8AM on Saturday.. figured we would have plenty of time to get there before the crew up at the lake awoke. Usually do have long nights up there!. We got there just in time to suite up and head out on the lake for a nice ride. Was raining when we left the house.. but was all snow up at the lake. Had about 5" of crusty snow on the lake.. made turns a bit tough.. but as long as you rode in someone else's trail, you were fine.. we headed to Winni Derby at Meredith.. from there the length of the lake to Alton Bay.. stops in Wolfborough and Center Harbor. Quick stop at a gas stop, and back to the lake house for Lunch.. Probably about 65 miles.. After Lunch, we set out on to the bay to set up our next competition of a Obstacle course.. and speed run. Had several cones set up to weave our way through.. which was really tough especially with the fresh snow on the smooth ice.. made cornering almost impossible.. but we all had a great time mashing the throttle to the bars. Just about everyone participated.. and the results were really close.. Brian and I were pretty close for top speeds.. but I just edged him out and Drew came in second to my top time through the course. Some of the Gal's had some great runs as well.. overall a good time was had by all.. and Brian officially crowned me King Of The Lake after the event. I wore that crown all the way home and have it proudly displayed on the mantle in my living room. (at least until I head off to work tomorrow.. then Terry will for sure find a better place for it!). Thanks to Rick and V. for inviting the group up.. Sorry Terry and I couldn't stay for the Dinner Sat night.. but we made it home before Rugbi split a gut! See you all real soon.. now what is the competition for the next trip? Mike

Hello All,

It was another great weekend of getting together to do some sledding.
For those of you who could not make it you missed out on some good times.
For those who did make it I hope you had a good time. Overall the lake was
in good shape for riding considering a week ago it was shear ice.

Mileage total for the weekend was around 110 - 120 miles depending upon
the amount of playing around you did in Braun Bay. As for "King of
Winnipesaukee" what more can I say but Mike rules with that 700 Ski-Doo. He
is the true King and the person to be gunning for..

For those who did not make it, the obstacle course that we set up was
challenging. It started with a high speed straight away, which then you had
to break hard before going into several sharp "S" and "U" turns. Then around
a sweeping corner and back onto the straight away and past the radar unit at
the finish line.

The Top Male was Mike "The King" Sullivan with a time of 46 Seconds and
Top Speed at Finish Line of 73 MPH
The Top Female was Gail "Stick Girl" Berube with a time of 53(??) Seconds
and Top Speed at Finish Line of 72 MPH

The Top Rookie was Kimberly "Accelerator Button" Karman I don't remember
her time or speed but she was right up there. This girl was born to ride.
You should of seen her out on the lake riding with us. You would never know
it was her first weekend on a sled.

All in all the competition was fierce and with the way the course was set
up I believe all times were within 20 seconds of each other. What
competition we will come up with next??? A Relay Race??

As for Saturday night at the Comman Man. A great atmosphere, good food
and a lot of laughs. What more can I say but we pretty much closed the
place. The back to the cabin for some late night cocktails and a mean game
of Quarters. Ryan better start practing because me and Brian are becoming
the masters. He won at Rangeley and I won at Winni with 22 in a row.

Sunday was a leisurely ride back to Meredith to check out the Derby
again. Then we cruised the shoreline back through Meredith over into Center
Harbor then across onto Moultonboro. Nice Sunny day on the lake with great
conditions because the snow set up over night. However it was a little

As for next weekend we will be heading up on Friday night again.
Virginia's brother and family are coming up from Long Island but they will
not be in until midnight on Saturday night. So everyone is invited to head
up again if they want. People can also stay over we just might be setting
up some arrow beds at the other house. As of this moment Drew & Kimberly
and Greg & Jessica will be heading up. Let us know if you plan on

One of my goals since it is a long weekend is to get the Hot Tub wired
in. Hopefully soon after that we will be having the Hot Tub party !!!!

Have a good week,

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